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Environment And Sustainable Development

environment is defined as all those conditions and their effects which influence human life. It is the sum total of surrounding and the facility of resources that affect our existence and the quality of our life


Environment is sum total of biotic and abiotic


Environment And Sustainable Development


Importance or significance of environment

1. Provide resources

2. Assimilates waste

3. Sustains life

4. Enhance the quality of life


Carrying capacity of environment


1. Exploitation of resources does not exceed the regeneration of resources so that the resources  in document is not exhausted of depleted

2. Generation of wastes does not exceed the absorption capacity of environment so that environment is not polluted

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Reasons of environment crisis


1. Increase population

2. Excessive use of natural resources

3. Industrial waste

4. Deforestation

5. And many examples


Many reasons of environmental crisis you think better than any others


 Two basic problem related to environment


1. Problem of pollution

    a. Air pollution.

    b. Water pollution

    c. Noise pollution


2. Problem of excessive use of natural resources/ degradation of natural resources/exploitation of natural resources

    a. Deforestation.

    b. Degradation of soil


How to save environment?


1. Social awareness

2. Population control

3. Afforestation

4. Control over Industrial and agricultural pollution

5. Water management


Sustainable development


Sustainable development is that process of economic development which aims at raising the quality of life of both present and future generation, without threatening natural environment and the environment


Features of sustainable development


1. Sustained rise in real per capita income and economic welfare

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2. Not excessive rational use of natural resources

3. Check on pollution


Strategies for sustainable development

1. Use of environment friendly sources of energy  (LPG and CNG)

2. Input efficient Technology

3. Use of non conventional source of energy

4. Public means of transport

5. Manage to wastes

6. Organic farming


Conclusion: In this article we learn that ‘Environment And Sustainable Development’. This Article Is Very Important For All students who adopt ‘Indian Economy’ Subject.

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